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Allegheny West Historic Timeline Exhibition, Pittsburgh, PA 

Celebrating Over Five Decades of Rebuilding the Smallest Neighborhood in Pittsburgh 

Gallery at West Hall, CCAC, Allegheny Campus. May 17–June 20, 2019 

The Allegheny West Historic Timeline Exhibition is a celebration of the Allegheny West Civic Council’s 5 decades, focusing on struggles and success stories of a small neighborhood that progressed through passionate residents and finding solutions for future improvements. The graphic timeline and videos informs and entertain to help gain a stronger understanding by documenting and archiving significant events and serve as an educational tool for generations to come. 


Designed, curated and led all aspect of production of the exhibition, including design research and development, securing funding and sponsorship, gallery space, extensive historical research, writing all exhibition related material, large format print coordination, collaborating with video interviews and installation, securing guest lectures, press and publication towards increasing public outreach, installation and conservation, budget planning, and collaborated with community partners on programs and events. 


Complying with Smithsonian Guidelines for Accessible Exhibition Design (SGAED). 

The exhibition is scheduled to be displayed at other locations on the Northside and Pittsburgh, PA 

The Buhl Foundation/One Northside grant received for the Allegheny West Historic Timeline Exhibition 

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